Subscription conditions and rates


The subscription fee is always mentioned on the site with the class and has to be paid by bank transfer at the latest one month after receipt of the payment invitation. (Unless a different term is stated in the payment invitation). The subscription fee must be paid before the start of the activity, otherwise you will not be able to participate.

In addition to the basic rate, there is a discount rate and a social rate.

The discount rate for annual classes for children and adolescents (20% discount) is valid:
– from the second registration of a child from the same family
– from an inscription for a second lesson of the same child
– for parents with a limited income: in this case, we ask for a certificate of the children’s education or study grant.
– Do you have a limited income but your children do not have an education or study grant? In that case, please contact or 09/228.92.72.

The discount rate for 18+ classes is valid:
– from a second inscription during the same school year (10% discount)
– for students between 18 and 25 years old. (10% discount)
– Do you have a limited income but are not entitled to an education or study grant? In that case, please contact or 09/228.92.72 (20% discount).

The social rate (Kansentarief) (80% discount) is for holders of an UiTPAS with ‘kansentarief’ GHENT (+ Merelbeke and Destelbergen). You are entitled to a UiTPAS with a preferential rate if you are domiciled in Ghent, Merelbeke or Destelbergen and are entitled to an increased allowance or are in debt mediation.

The registration fee includes the insurance for physical accidents and civil liability during the guided activities. The insurance has been taken out with Ethias.



For other activities such as camps, modules and training courses, the price and possible discount for the activity is mentioned on the site.


Circus is never without risk. The members of Circusplaneet are insured for personal injury and civil liability through Ethias during the guided activities. Our policy only covers treatments that are reimbursable according to the Riziv nomenclature. For certain treatments there is no intervention (e.g. glasses, fees, osteopathy,…) or the intervention is limited (e.g. dental treatments). The general terms and conditions of the insurance policy can be found here. By registering, you agree not to hold other members of Circusplaneet liable for unintentional circus accidents.

You can download the insurance form that has to be filled in by a doctor (first medical assessment) here. You can send the completed form back to or send it to us: Circusplaneet – Drongensesteenweg 146 – 9000 Ghent


You can unsubscribe for annual lessons (27 lessons or more) until just after the second lesson. You only pay an administrative fee of 20 euros for the unsubscription and 7 euros for each lesson that has passed, the remaining part of the subscription fee will be refunded. After the second lesson of a year series, cancellations can only be made for medical reasons (see below). You pay an administration fee of 20 euros and 7 euros per lesson that has already passed. The rest of the paid subscription fee will be refunded.

You can unsubscribe for shorter series of classes (less than 27 lessons) up to one week before the start of the first lesson. You pay an administrative fee of 20 euros. Unsubscribing from one week before the start of the series is only possible for medical reasons (see below). In that case you pay an administration fee of 20 euro and 11 euro per lesson that has already passed. The rest of the already paid subscription fee will be refunded.

Unsubscribing to a camp is possible up to one month before the start of the camp. You only pay an administrative fee of 20 euros. After that you can only unsubscribe for medical reasons (see below). You pay an administrative fee of 20 euros and 25 euros per day started. The rest of the already paid subscription fee will be refunded.

You can unsubscribe for an internship up to one week before the start of the internship. You only pay an administrative fee of 20 euro. You can only unsubscribe in the week before the internship or during the internship for medical reasons. In that case you pay an administrative fee of 20 euro and a proportional amount of the subscription fee. The rest of the already paid subscription fee will be refunded.

Unsubscriptions can be communicated to Immediately give the account number and name of the account holder to which the remaining subscription fee can be refunded.

If you unsubscribe for medical reasons, we ask for a doctor’s certificate explaining why you have to unsubscribe. The certificate may be handed over to the secretariat or sent by post or e-mail.


Circusplaneet reserves the right to cancel an annual class or internship in case of insufficient subscriptions or force majeure. The subscription fee will then be refunded in full.

If a lesson of a  series of lessons can not take place due to force majeure, we will inform the participants. The participants will not be reimbursed for this and the lesson will not be moved to a later date. Circusplaneet always does its utmost to let the lesson continue (search for a replacement, search for another local, …).

trial lessons

There are no trial lessons for the year classes because there can be unsubscribed until shortly after the second lesson (see cancellation / unsubscribe).

For the shorter spring and autumn series of classes you can follow a trial lesson if there are still enough free places. Registration for a trial lesson is therefore only possible at the earliest 10 days before the start of the series. A trial lesson costs € 20. Sign up for the series and this € 20 will be deducted from the inscription fee, but you will not be able to enjoy any early booking discount.

For short activities (only a few lessons, modules, one-time weekend activities,…) no trial lesson is possible.



If your health insurance fund reimburses part of the inscription fee for a year’s course or camp, you can have the form of the health insurance fund filled in by Circusplaneet. You can give a blank form to the teacher, the secretariat or send an e-mail to

The Circusplaneet camps are tax-deductible for participants under the age of 12. At the start of a camp, Circusplaneet will provide you with a tax certificate to add to your tax return. You have to keep this up to date for a year. We cannot make this up a second time in case of loss.

The weekly lessons are not tax deductible



If you are involved in Circusplaneet (whether by using our website, following us on social media or participating in our activities) it means that you are entrusting certain personal information to us. We take the safety of this information seriously.

What information does Circusplaneet collect from you?

When you subscribe for one of our activities, we register your name and contact information (or that of your parents) for administrative purposes. In addition, we also ask for your date of birth, and other information to complete the administration of the inscription. The government asks us to keep a statistical record of these data. When you use our website, you agree to the use of cookies.

When you participate in one of our activities, images can be taken there. We do this because we are proud of our work and our people and because we attach great importance to authentic image use in our communication. If someone comes along during the activities of Circusplaneet to take pictures, this will be communicated to the participants and asked if anyone has any objections. If you prefer not to be portrayed, please let us know orally. If you don’t want to get a picture of every activity, you can let us know when you subscribe at
Our performances, festivals and shows fall under the category of public events: almost standard photos are taken here. If you feel uncomfortable with this, you can always let the photographer or one of the Circusplaneet employees know on the day itself.

How do we store and protect your data?

When you subscribe via our website, your data will be stored in our secure data file, which will be stored in the Google Cloud. They are only stored there to facilitate the processing and follow-up of future inscriptions. They are protected by the general guarantees of protection offered by Google for its users.
More information about Google and Privacy.

What do we do with it?

We use your contact details standard for administrative purposes. As a participant in one of our activities, you will receive a number of emails related to your inscription: inscription confirmation, payment and practical information, showtime,…
When you register you can choose to receive the ‘Circusmagazine’ of our umbrella organisation ‘Circuscentrum’ free of charge. In this context, we will pass on your name and address details to Circuscentrum vzw.
If you report a sports accident, your details will also be passed on to our Ethias insurance fund.
Photos and videos made of you with permission can be used in our communication channels (website, social media, newsletters).

Who has access to your data?

Only our employees have standard access to the personal data of the persons in our database. If you take part in an activity given by a guest lecturer or in collaboration with another organisation, we will also provide him/her with your data.

Both our permanent employees and our guest lecturers and partner organisations contractually undertake to use it only for Circusplaneet activities. Under no circumstances will we pass on your contact details to third parties for commercial purposes.


How can you change your data yourself?

You have the right to access, change or delete your own personal data in our database at any time. To do so, please send us an e-mail at Please note that if you subsequently subscribe again for a course via our website, we will collect certain data from you again (see above).

Do you have any questions about our privacy policy? Feel free to send an email to