How do you subscribe to an activity?

Subscriptions must be made using the online form. You need to fill in a separate form for each participant. Mail to inschrijven@circusplaneet.be or call 09/228 92 72 if you have problems with the subscription.

Is there a limit on the number of subscriptions you can make?

You can subscribe to multiple classes or series, as long as these are different classes. (e.g. a multicircus lesson and an acrobatics lesson) You can not subscribe to multicircus on Wednesday and Saturday or the 18+ aerial acrobatics series level 1 on Tuesday and Wednesday.

There is also a limit for our summer camps. You can only subscribe for a maximum of 2 summer camps at the start of the subscriptions. If there is still room left two months before the start of the camp, you can register for a third camp later.

What if an activity is already full?

If you still subscribed for this activity via the online form, you will be notified that you are on the waiting list. If it is no longer possible to subscribe via the form, you can always send an email to inschrijven@circusplaneet.be to be on the waiting list. If there is still enough space available, we will contact you by mail. If you do not receive an email, this means that there is not enough space available, not that we have forgotten you. Once the activity has started, there will be no more space available. Only in the year series for children and young people, where one can still unsubscribe until shortly after the two lessons, there can sometimes be joined later, but also there we finish all subscriptions in October.
Waiting lists are no longer valid the following year!

When do the subscriptions start?

Subscriptions for the annual lessons for children and young people always start on 1 May at 10 a.m. for those who have already followed a weekly lesson the previous school year at Circusplaneet and for their brothers and/or sisters who already want to subscribe. (even if they didn’t follow a weekly lesson yet). It is not possible to register before 1 May. Anyone who hasn’t followed a weekly course at Circusplaneet can only register from 19 May. The subscriptions will be closed at the beginning of October.

The subscriptions for our autumn series for adults start on 1 June. For the spring series for adults there is a subscription moment in November.

The subscriptions for the community training start in August.

Subscriptions for camps or other activities start throughout the year. The start of subscriptions is always communicated in our newsletter.

When do the annual classes for children and young people start and end?

The year classes start at the end of September. For the school year 2019-2020 this is the week of 23 September 2019. The lessons end the last full week in May, for the school year 2019-2020 it is the week of 25 May 2020.

When do the adult series start?

The autumn series 2019 start the week of 30 September 2019 and end the week of 16 December 2019.
The spring series 2020 start the week of 3 February 2020 and end the week of 25 May 2020.

When does the community training start?

The community training starts at the beginning of September and runs until the end of June. For the school year 2019-2020, the first training is on Monday 2 September and the last on Friday 26 June.

Are there lessons on holidays and during school holidays?

There are no lessons on public holidays. On bridge days and during extended weekends there are lessons.
During the school holidays there is no lesson. On Saturdays following a school week there is always class.

How much does a circus lesson cost?

The price of a lesson, series or other activities is always mentioned in the activity itself. More information about our rates and discounts can be found in our subscription conditions.

Can I (or my child) take a test lesson?

There are no test lessons provided for the year classes because there can be unsubscribed with recovery of most of the course costs until shortly after the second lesson. More information about unsubscribing can be found in the subscription conditions.

For the shorter spring and autumn series for adults, you can’t take a test lesson either, unless there are enough free places left before the start of the series. Subscribing to a test lesson is therefore only possible at the earliest 10 days before the start of the series. A test lesson costs €20. After that, you can subscribe to the series and this € 20 will be deducted from the course fee.

For short activities (modules for adults, one-time weekend activities, …) no test lesson is possible.

Can I unsubscribe?

For medical reasons, you can always unsubscribe on presentation of a doctor’s certificate. In other cases, unsubscription may or may not be possible depending on when you want to unsubscribe. More information about unsubscribing can be found in the subscription conditions.

Can I subscribe for just a few lessons?

No, the lessons and series of Circusplaneet are a whole. So you can’t join halfway or only follow part of it. Nor can you ‘pass on’ your place to someone else.

Can my child who is one year too old/young also join the circus activity?

Everyone is unique, everyone is different. But in order to guarantee some homogeneity in the groups, we ask you to respect the age limits of the groups. Only in the case of specialization classes where level takes priority over age, children may not be classified according to age, but this is only done in consultation with the teacher(s).

Children whose year of birth does not correspond to the academic year in which they are enrolled can also choose, in consultation with the teachers, whether to register their child according to the year of birth or the academic year.

Young people aged 16 and older with circus experience can register for the 18+ series.

Which clothes do you (or your child) wear for the circus lessons?

For the multidisciplinary lessons, acrobatics lessons and camps, regular sportswear is sufficient. Sports pants, jogging or leggings and a comfortable T-shirt. In the lessons we work barefoot.

In lessons that include aerial acrobatics, all jewellery, watches, piercings, … must be taken off before a lesson or training begins. In any case it is always better to leave valuables at home.

More specific dress codes depend on your specialization and will be explained to you by the teacher(s) during the first lesson.

Can I take a look at the lesson of my child?

In order not to disturb the children’s concentration, we ask you not to enter during a lesson. In order to have an idea of what your child is learning, we regularly organise viewing and/or participating lessons and show moments. The parents are invited to come and have a look at the first lesson at the end of the lesson.

Where can I wait for my children during the circus lessons?

Both in the hangar and in the hall there is a space for parents to wait.

Can I drop my child off early? Can my child stay a little longer?

Teachers are present 15 minutes before the class starts and stay 15 minutes after the end of the class. Sooner or later we cannot guarantee that the location will be open sooner or later. If there are other lessons before or after, you can of course wait in the foyer. Circusplaneet cannot always guarantee supervision at these times.

What can I do if I want to report cross-border behaviour during Circusplaneet activities?

Cross-border behaviour such as aggression, bullying and sexual harassment will not be tolerated. To report cross-border conduct, please contact our Integrity Contact Point (API) Nele Callebaut and Stijn Briers at api@circusplaneet.be. They handle every question discreetly and guarantee anonymity. Together with the parties involved, they will look for an appropriate solution in function of the reported incident. The interests of the victim always take precedence.

Is circus dangerous?

Together with all its members, Circusplaneet works towards a safe circus environment, but of course circus is never without risks. At the entrance of the buildings you will find posted safety regulations, an accident procedure and first aid guidelines that have to be followed.

Am I insured during the circus activities?

The members are insured for personal injury and civil liability through Ethias during the guided activities. Our policy only covers treatments that are reimbursable according to the Riziv nomenclature. For certain treatments there is no intervention (e.g. glasses, honorary fees, osteopathy,…) or the intervention is limited (e.g. dental treatments). The general terms and conditions of the insurance policy can be consulted on request at the secretariat. By registering, you agree not to hold other members of Circusplaneet liable for unintentional circus accidents.

What to do in case of an accident?

The teacher will provide you with a form to be filled in by the doctor who will make the first medical determinations. Afterwards, this form must be returned to Circusplaneet by post, e-mail or it can be handed in personally at the secretariat on the Drongensesteenweg. You can also download this form at any time.

Are friends allowed to take part in a circus class?

Circusplaneet organizes several times a year activities where friends are welcome. For regular activities, for safety and insurance reasons, we cannot accept people who are not subscribed to the activity.

Is part of the circus lessons refundable by the health insurance company?

If your health insurance company reimburses part of the subscription fee for an annual course or camp, you can have the form of the health insurance company filled in by Circusplaneet. You can give a blank form to the teacher, the secretariat or send it to inschrijven@circusplaneet.be.

Are circus activities tax-deductible as childcare?

The weekly lessons are not regarded as childcare, but our camps are. At the start of the camp, you will also receive a certificate regarding expenses for childcare for children under the age of 12.







Do you have any further questions? Do not hesitate to contact us at inschrijven@circusplaneet.be or +32 (0)9 228 92 72.