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Here you can read which impact the Corona guidelines have on our activities. We keep this page up to date whenever the guidelines should change, as soon – but more importantly – as correct as possible.

COVID UPDATE 30/10/’20

Contrary to the information provided by the Flemish government last Tuesday, our activities for children under the age of 12 are no longer allowed. This means that ALL activities planned this week, can no longer continue.

During the autumn holidays, we will take the time to see what impact the measures have on our activities and what we can and cannot organise. Those who have registered for activities will be informed by e-mail shortly.

We hope to see you again soon!

We follow the guidelines of Sport Vlaanderen and the GymFed because they match our work environment. These guidelines were developed with the fellow circus studios in Flanders and the Circuscentrum, tailored to our sector.

Guidelines since October 23


– If you have symptoms indicating Corona or have family members who are quarantined due to illness, do not participate in the circus activity. If one of your family members is in quarantaine, follow the doctor’s advice.
– Bring enough water to your class. Write your name on your drinking bottle.
– Go to the restroom at home. The less you have to go to the restroom during class, the better.
– Wear your circus outfit to come to class. There are no changing rooms available.


– All the locations of Circusplaneet are big enough to organise the classes in a safe matter.
– Don’t arrive early, don’t arrive late, arrive on time! Wait outside if you are early.
– Parents always wait outside (no access to the buildings, except for the parent-child lessons and circomotoriek).
–  Entrance and exits are separated.
– A teacher will be welcoming you at the entrance with hand sanitizers.
– Those who are 12 years or older, wear a mouth mask on the school grounds and in the buildings as long as the circus lesson has not yet started.
– Your teacher will carefully tick off the attendance list (contact tracing).
– Aks your questions via or 09/228.92.72 as much as possible. During office hours, you can also come by the circus church with questions.


– Wearing a mouth mask during intensive physical activities is not recommended. When the class starts, mouth masks go off. In some situations we will ask you to nevertheless wear a mouth mask (eg. parents during ciromotoriek).
– When teachers can’t keep a 1.5m distance, they will were a mouth mask (rule doesn’t apply when working with toddlers).
– Contact between participants 12+ is not allowed. We adapt working methods in such a way that we can always respect the 1.5m rule.
– Teacher only have physical contact with students if necessary for didactic or safety reasons (eg. fall protection). In such a case they wear a mouth mask.
– Use of small equipment is limited to one participant as much as possible. We limit the transfer of materials to each other.
– If a student is / becomes ill during class, parents will be asked to pick up the student.
– First aid is administered with a mouth mask and gloves.
– Some groups are split up and come to class every two weeks.


– Parents always stay outside (no access to the buildings, expect for parent-child lessons and circomotoriek).
– Hands are also disinfected at the end of the lesson.
– Participants are escorted outside.
– Teachers disinfect high-risk material with the nebulizer during the last 10 minutes of class, while the other teacher leads the cool-down / closing.


If you have been to a class of Circusplaneet during your illness (up to three days before the first symptoms), please contact or 09/228.92.72. We will figure out with you to determine which of our members should be passed on to contact tracers. Basically, you should only report the people with whom you have not followed the guidelines mentioned above. In any case, we as organisation will not comunicate about your identity. Circusplaneet will communicate due diligent in an appropriate manner about a possible outbreak of the virus in the organisation.

If you have any questions concerning safety and the Corona virus at Circusplaneet, you can send them to