artist training

Professional circus artists and participants of our ‘new talent’ program can train in the circus church.

Due to the corona measures new subscriptions to our artist training are impossible.


Starting from September 14, 2020 until May 31, 2021:
– every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: between 1PM and 5PM
– every Friday: between 1 PM and 3.30PM

No training during school holidays and official holidays.


The training space is for professional circus artists and artists from our ‘new talent’ program.


Exactly what the title suggests: a place for professional artists to train. You share the space with other artists, so this is not the time for creating or rehearsal.


– You can use our (landing) mats, trampolines, longe and aerial acrobatics material
– There are 2 suspension points with pulleys to secure your own aerial acrobatic material. You are responsible to take down your own material at the end of the training. Bring your own snap hooks and slings
– You cannot do your own rigging on points in the air, but there are different point in the ground where you can do your own rigging (for tightropes, Chinese pole, …)
– If you have any other rigging questions, ask them during the artist training to somebody from the staff
– It is possible to store some circus material in the basement of the circus church. Circusplaneet is not responsible for damage or theft


Your subscription and payment need to be finalised before your first training. From the moment you are subscribed and your payment is OK, you are welcome at the artist training.

Due to corona new subscriptions are impossible.

– One school year (September 14 – May 31): € 120
– Half school year: € 75
– One week (7 days starting from the day of subscription): € 30

Contact for more information.
Contact if you need an invoice.


The members of Circusplaneet are insured for personal injury and civil liability through Ethias during the training. Our policy only covers treatments that are reimbursable according to the Riziv nomenclature. For certain treatments there is no intervention (e.g. glasses, fees, osteopathy,…) or the intervention is limited (e.g. dental treatments). The policy does not cover work disability. Professional artists should therefore have their own insurance.

The general terms and conditions of the insurance policy can be found here. The special terms and conditions can be found here. By registering, you agree not to hold other members of Circusplaneet liable for unintentional circus accidents.


– If you want to work on a performance and you need rehearsal and/or creation space, you can request extra time slots to a member of the staff during artist training hours. This is only possible if you have subscribed for the artist training for the entire year. The cost of this extra time is included in the subscription fee, so there is no extra cost.
– Key pick-up and drop-off is only possible during artist training hours (drop-off is also possible in our mailbox at the circus church).
– You can only book creation or rehaersal space 2 months in advance at the earliest.
– In exceptional situations, it is possible that Circusplaneet will need the circus church or hall (at the Drongensesteenweg 146) for own activities and will therefore ask you to reschedule the rehearsal.
– The extra time is solely to be used as creation or rehearsal time. You will have the space all to yourself (or for your compagnie). Don’t use this for training, as we have artist training for this.
– If something comes up and you are unable to use the time you booked, be so kind to cancel your time slot so other artists are able to make a booking instead.