Circus for everyone


From the vision ‘Circus for Everyone’, Circusplaneet also organizes activities that are accessible to people with disabilities. We bring this together under the name ‘circus without restrictions’.

Circusplaneet creates a place for people with disabilities in its own activities, but also works out projects with various organisations and facilities. In addition, there are a number of workshops every year on events or activities that are created from the point of view of circus without restrictions.

We focus on the possibilities and talents of these children, young people and adults, not on their limits.

In recent years, we have organised various series of lessons and projects in collaboration with schools, facilities and other organisations. This was done in the form of a project week, a 10 lesson series with a show moment, a one-off workshop on location / in the circus church, …
We are open to different projects with different agencies / facilities / schools. If you are interested, you can always mail to

G-circus camp

Circusplaneet organizes camps for children and adults with disabilities. We have specialised teachers who develop a customised programme for different target groups.

For the organisation of these camps, we are happy to enter into partnerships with other organisations, schools and facilities.

At this moment there is no camp planned.

family days

Circusplaneet organises an annual family day with circus workshops for families where one of the family members has a disability. Through creative forms of play, you can get to know different circus disciplines. The workshops are open to all ages and both family and personal assistants are welcome.

At this moment there is no family day planned.

Weekly courses

Circus without restrictions 18+

Circusplaneet organises series of lessons for adults with intellectual disabilities. In this lesson different circus techniques such as juggling, balance and acrobatics are discussed. The focus is mainly on fun, the circus experience and the development of motorical skills.

The course: we always start with a warming up. Then at least 2 different circus techniques will be discussed. We usually end up with a quiet game.

At the moment there is no series of lessons because our circus church is undergoing renovation.


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