Weekly lessons

Acrobatic courses

If you would like to specialize in acrobatics and are not afraid to continue training, you can opt for an acrobatics course.
Dynamic acro, handstand, trampoline, teeter board, partner acrobatics, free running, … In these lessons the different acrobatics are praticed.



Aerial acrobatic courses

Aerial acrobatics, that’s trapeze, tissue, aerial hoop, rope, straps and much more. As a beginner you will learn the basics of both trapeze and tissue. Afterwards you can specialize and there is the possibility to discover the other techniques.



Hula hooping is ideal to train your endurance and to prove to yourself that you can learn something new every day. In addition, long-term hula hooping has many advantages: a growing body awareness, a relaxed feeling, improved balance, coordination and much more…


Community circus

In addition to our weekly lessons, with Circusplaneet we want to offer a place where we can learn from each other, meet new people, discover new techniques or teach others,… Young and old, professional artists and fresh talent.

On Monday there is only community training for adults. On Friday there is community training for everyone from birth year 2013.

The community training 2019-2020 school year starts on Monday 2 September 2019 and ends on Friday 26 June 2020.



Multi circus courses

If you would like to learn all the circus techniques, you can sign up for a multi circus course. The four major circus disciplines are covered: juggling, balance, aerial acrobatics and acrobatics.
Since each discipline consists of different techniques, there is a lot of variety:
Diabolo, spinning plates, flowerstick, rolla-bolla, hula hoop, tightrope walking, ball walking, trapeze, cloth, ground acrobatics, partner acro,…




Juggling, balance and other specializations

Besides acrobatics and aerial acrobatics, you can also specialize in one of the other circus techniques. In the juggling class we only focus on youngsters: balls, clubs, rings, diabolo, devil stick,…
In the lessons balance and unicycle we only work on ball and barrel runs, rolla-bolla, tightrope, ladder and of course: unicycle.


Child-parent circus

Why take your child to circus lessons in the morning and go to the gym in the evening when you can also play, move, learn and sweat together?

On Saturday you can follow circus lessons with your child at Circusplaneet. Toddlers in the 2nd and 3rd nursery class can do circus together with their mum or dad, older children can join one of the child-parent lessons with their mum or dad.