Presentation moments 2020 – Opening week Circus Church

 Show moments 2020

As every year, we want to give the children who like to perform the opportunity to perform on a stage.
Because this year the circus church will open again, we will make it a whole week of celebration: between Sunday 22 March and Sunday 29 March 2020, all the teaching groups will perform in our renovated circus church. That week there are exceptionally no circus lessons.

An overview of all groups and when they will perform can be found here.

We simply rehearse during the weekly lessons, during the four lessons before the show. Children who don’t want to perform can of course just keep coming to the lessons during the rehearsal period.

In concrete terms: what to do if your child wants to perform?

1. Mail to with the name of your child and the lesson group he or she is in, at least before 31 December 2019 (only verbally informing the teacher that you are going to participate is NOT enough).

2. Make sure that your child can be present in the circus lessons the four lessons (rehearsals) before the show moment.

3. On the day of the performance itself there will be a dress rehearsal, so the children are expected in the church 1.5 hours before the performance. Address: Oud-strijderlaan 1, 9000 Ghent


Tickets for the performance can be ordered from 1 March using a form on the site. Before you get all the fans together: the circus church is not a big hall. The number of tickets per participant will unfortunately be limited and depends on the number of participating children (probably 4 tickets/children and the possibility to order extra tickets later if there would be any left over tickets).
Prices: € 7 (basic rate) or € 12 (support rate) or € 1.4 if the spectator has a UiTPAS with a chance rate.