Look at me!

In this publication we use circus pedagogy as a source of inspiration for working with children and young people. We focus on stories and ways of thinking about dealing with diversity and accessibility.

Look at me is a publication of Circusplaneet in collaboration with Jeugddienst Gent, written by Steven Desanghere.

“The great thing about working with circus techniques is that it clearly appeals to many “special” target groups, people who cannot always be reached via other channels in youth work, sport or culture. Foreign-speaking newcomers, socially vulnerable people, children and young people with learning or character disorders, autism or ADHD, people who are overweight or old age, people who are less able to walk or have poor eyesight, people in psychiatry or in jail, children from special youth care or from war zones, and a lot of introverts and strange ducks in the bite.

In short, circus works (almost) for everyone. “
This publication does not describe how to deal with diversity, but it does describe how it can be done.

The English Version of this publication, “Look at me”, is made with the support of Peyc and Eyco. If you would like to have one you can send an email to